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Combining over 40 years of advertising industry experience, we make songs that capture culture’s heart.

David Muhlenfeld | Songwriter | Music Producer | Creative Director | English Major

David Muhlenfeld

I never went to ad school. Instead, I studied English and listened to Pet Shop Boys on repeat. Got hired as a copywriter, discovered I could also write songs. Since then I've been using language and music to tell stories that build brands and (hopefully) bring people joy. I also write non-singing ads, books, screen plays and sexy / hilarious short stories for my wife.

Leah Muhlenfeld | Marketer | Brand Strategist | English Major Music

Leah Muhlenfeld

Optimism is my super power. I fell in love with David while working at an ad agency in San Francisco. Classic creative guy and account girl story. We moved across the country and had four babies (see below!). I handle all the business stuff for English Major and run a marketing and tech firm.



Whether we’re creating full-on musical advertising campaigns, crafting a perfect mnemonic that encapsulates the spirit of a brand, or helping companies use music and lyrics to win in short-format digital, we stay focused not just on the needs of our clients, but on what moves and motivates people. The result? Songs—and brands—people want to sing along with, again and again.

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