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Our Beginning

It all started in 2007. David Muhlenfeld, then a Senior Copywriter at The Martin Agency, was asked to write a quick campaign for a project-based client - FreeCreditReport.com - who were on their way out the door.

Rather than give them more of the same, David leaned into his youthful passion for song-based storytelling and created a musical advertising campaign the client would run nonstop for the next 5 years.


“Dear God, I thought, I’ve been infected by an earworm..”

Stephen king, writing about david’s ad-song for entertainment weekly


English Major, LLC was founded two years later by David and his wife, Leah, to handle the music David was producing in his home studio for more and more clients of The Martin Agency. Over time, it’s become central to his creative process, which is dramatically different from that of a typical advertising agency creative.

David starts with a traditional client creative brief, but instead of creating a campaign and then partnering with a music house to “add some music” later, he uses music and lyrics as the starting point, solving clients’ business problems and creating emotional connection at the concept stage.

In other words, the song is the script. And when that song is right, it energizes clients and creatives at every step of the production process.

What started as one client and a long-lasting campaign soon became countless brand songs for world-class companies including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Oreo, and more.


“I saw this in a theater as a commercial during yuletide. I've looked it up every year since. Amazing ad.”

youtube comment







If you’re a brand that needs to communicate its mission - to consumers or to your own employees - we can work with you to craft a brand anthem that helps people understand that mission on an emotional level, so they are more motivated to participate in that mission, and less likely to dismiss or reject your message.

Artist Reps

If you’re an artist rep who wants to ensure a successful artist / brand partnership, we can work with you, your artist’s team, the brand and / or its creative agency to evaluate the creative work from both an artist and a brand perspective, and adapt the work so it satisfies both sides - helping ensure a positive experience for your artist, and preventing you from having to pass on lucrative opportunities for creative reasons.

Creative Agencies

If you’re a creative agency that needs a music-driven campaign for a new business pitch or existing client, we can work with your team to build a campaign from scratch based on a creative brief you supply or develop an existing idea, freeing your agency talent to focus on other pressing deliverables and saving you from the frustration of working with music companies who understand music, but not creative strategy.

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We realize musical advertising isn’t for everyone. That’s fine. There are plenty of “normal” agencies out there (trust us, we’ve worked for some). But if you’re interested, get in touch. There’s greatness to be made.

English Major Music works fast, has fun and knows how to produce work you and your team will be thrilled to share with the world.

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