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A simple holiday party concept turned real, complex and current by portraying a “real” family - not a “perfect” one.


What the brand partners needed:



For the Coke and Walmart partnership, they needed something to run in movie theaters during the holiday season. I tapped into my personal experience as a kid with a blended family and sheer love of Christmas, even when it’s complicated with family dynamics.



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Write here about some other creative brief you solved with music.


YouTube Quotes & Fan Mail

That’s right, fan mail. David wrote this song spot in 2009. And in 2019 he got an email from a man asking him to write more musical commercials like this because … (explain and add a quote form the email).

Just a few youtube comments

I can't remember the movie I watched at the theater, but I never forgot this commercial. I'm watching the 2019 NBA playoffs and had the urge to find this song. It's one of the greatest commercial songs! I wish that I had never lost the MP3 of this song Coke was giving away for free on

It's not Christmas until I search out THIS commercial.

I saw this in a theater as a commercial during yuletide. i've looked it up every year since. Amazing ad.

This is like the best commercial to EVER exist.

I was working at Wal-Mart when this commercial came about. It would play endlessly on the Wal-Mart TV Network, and I loved it. It just never got old. I had a little crush on the guy singing.

How do you not keep singing this?

Tis the season! I have to watch this ad every year now....multiple times. It always puts a smile on my face.

I remember watching this commercial in the movie theaters with an ex. Brings back good memories

I remember seeing this in the movie theater before The Day the Earth Stood Still. I enjoyed it way more than the movie.

I want an extended version of the song. That WOULD BE FANTASTIC!!!

This ad is so well done. It really gets across that feeling of a party where everyone is having a great time and there’s barely any room to get around because it’s wall to wall friends and family. I grew up in a very big extended family and I feel like you could have taken a video of our old Christmas Eve parties and it would have looked a lot like this. I’m sure a lot of people who come here to watch this year after year have similar stories. It makes you think how blessed some of us are.